Concentric is a bid for the 2020 Eastercon.

Usually, an Eastercon is selected two years ahead. However, immediately before Follycon II it became apparent that the previously announced bid, Mancunicon II had been forced to withdraw – as they were unable to secure their site. Therefore there was a need for another bid and the Concentric bid committee came together in holy week. Given the timing did not have enough structure in place to formally bid. Therefore we will present our formal bid at Ytterbium Easter 2019.

We have spoken to the Birmingham Hilton the same location as Innominate. They are very keen for us to return. They have given us an “email of intent”. They have essentially offered us the same terms as for Innominate. We will need to complete the detailed negotiations over things like breakfast, beers, ciders, soft drink pricing.


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